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Virginia Technology Student Association, Blacksburg (TSA) 

2020 - Digital Photography: Nature (1st Place)

Like the diversity found in nature itself, nature’s meaning is equally complex and illusive. Nature is the basis of life, the origin of everything. Only recently have humans made nature a separate term that we dissociate from and use to describe life other than ourselves. I have chosen to present the natural world with an emphasis on pattern, form, texture, and color. The subjects embody the abstract elements of nature through these values. In a time of instant connections with the internet at our fingertips, we feel pressured to produce, be productive, and multi-task. I aim to make the viewer stop and take a moment to look around them. Through abstractions, the viewer can see beyond the subject matter and reach a deeper meaning. 


Red Rising, 2020


Koi, 2020


Pond Branches, 2020


Feather Texture, 2020


Ripple, 2020