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project statements


Painting is a language that is forged out of confronting risk and the process of building and destroying. The series Ghost Body is comprised of mixed-media acrylic paintings that include my torn photographs printed on Bienfang paper. 


These series of Polaroid and digital photographs explore the Virginia landscape. These projects explore the loose boundaries where human influence comes in contact with nature, the fluctuating identity of space. I am also interested in examining how photography relates to how we actually see. The images serve as a reflection of my internal experience, expressing symbols and metaphor. I view photography as an intuitive process, which results in images that emphasize abstracted compositional elements, similar to drawing or painting. Effects originate "in-camera." 

Blur Rain is comprised of 12 digital photographs that present darkened, compressed, and obscured moments. A specific set of space-time conditions exploring perception and proximity.

I have traveled this road so many times. The series Road Fog reflects a condition of this road and the changing nature of place.

Strata is a group of photographs exploring areas of built up and excavated layers revealing similar, also specific, and yet distinct areas. At once obstruction and revelation.